You likely didn't need any additional proof to believe that Patrick Mahomes is an incredible athlete -- after all, he was the NFL's MVP this year.

However, some additional proof was provided anyway this week, and it came in the form of a basketball highlight. That highlight featured Mahomes playing in a pickup game and showing off some sweet ball-handling skills before cutting through a few defenders and making a silky smooth move to the hoop. And, yes, he finished too.

Pretty damn impressive, right? It's the kind of display that makes you want to see more of Mahomes on the basketball court, just to witness how far that athleticism extends. 

Unfortunately, it seems rather unlikely that we'll get any more of these basketball highlights because the Chiefs have swiftly and effectively shut down Mahomes' basketball career.

While that news surely came as a disappointing development for basketball fans -- and likely Mahomes himself -- it's completely understandable that the Chiefs wouldn't want him competing in competitive basketball games. All it takes is one unfortunate accident and they could lose their franchise quarterback (and, again, league MVP) to a serious knee injury or something like that. If you're Kansas City, you've got to protect your interests, and Patrick Mahomes is their biggest interest at this point in time. 

And I suppose at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what's more important -- being able to watch Mahomes work some schlubs in a pickup game at his local gym, or being able to watch him every Sunday during football season? Seems like a pretty easy answer.

Still, it's a bummer Mahomes can't continue to relentlessly flex on these mere mortals.