Last weekend's Kentucky Derby came down to the wire with three horses crossing the finish line at nearly the exact same moment. That left many bettors with a bad beat if they placed wagers on Sierra Leone and Forever Young to win the 2024 installment of the Triple Crown race.

Count Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce as one of those bettors.

In a new episode of his "New Heights" podcast, Kelce revealed that he placed a wager on Forever Young to win the Kentucky Derby. If Forever Young had been victorious, Kelce stated that he would've won $100,000.

"I was a nose away from winning that f---ing thing, dude," Travis told his co-host, Jason Kelce during Wednesday's episode.

"I was a beginner. I didn't get too far into that. I just wanted to f----ing put the money that I brought in there and throw it down on like one horse and just get f----ing pumped if that thing was even close. And sure enough, coming around that corner, you see that thing…come up."

Mystik Dan, who had 20-1 odds to win, ended up coming with the victory as the horse just edged out Sierra Leone and Forever Young. Forever Young finished in third place by just a nose, and the race's winner wasn't even initially confirmed due to how close it was.

Unlike many bettors, Kelce has a brand-new contract extension to fall back on as he signed a deal that made him the NFL's highest-paid tight end last week.