Chiefs use Twitter to point out Falcons' possibly troubling geography skills

The Falcons appeared to make a tiny mistake on their video board before playing Kansas City on Friday, and the Chiefs made sure to call them out. 

Before the game in Atlanta, the person who runs the video board at Mercedes-Benz Stadium decided to do some trash-talking by pointing out to the Chiefs that they're not in Kansas anymore, and they used a modified version of Dorothy's famous line from "Wizard of Oz." 

When the Chiefs eventually saw the video board, they probably had a good laugh, and that's because they're not actually located in Kansas. The Kansas City Chiefs are located in Kansas City, Missouri, and because of that, they felt the need to call out the Falcons out on Twitter.  

After the Chiefs sent out that tweet, several Falcons fans quickly chimed in to defend their team by pointing out that the Falcons might have actually been referring to Missouri. The video board says "We ain't in Kansas no Mo" and "Mo" happens to be the postal abbreviation for Missouri. 

Unfortunately for the Falcons, no one was buying that explanation, and that's mainly because "We ain't in Kansas no Missouri" doesn't really make any sense, either. 

Not to mention, the Falcons have always seemed to struggle with geography. Back in 2014, the team was getting set to play in London, only on their map, London was actually located in Spain.  

The Falcons lost to the Chiefs 28-14 on Friday and also lost that game in London, so they're now 0 for 2 in games where they butcher geography. For the sake of fans all over Atlanta, let's hope that Falcons know where Philadelphia is, since that's who they play in Week 1. 

Anyway, for highlights from Friday's preseason action, including the Chiefs-Falcons game, be sure to click here

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