Chiefs vs. Broncos highlights: Cairo Santos banks in walk-off FG to avoid another tie

The Chiefs-Broncos game on Sunday night featured the most soccer ending of any NFL game this season. Yes, that includes the Seahawks and Cardinals' tie earlier this season, when both teams missed gimme field goals at the end of overtime.

The Chiefs beat the Broncos, 30-27, to narrowly avoid the tie, but they only won the game because of a lucky bounce.

Cairo Santos' walk-off field goal to give the Chiefs the win was anything but ordinary. It actually banked off one upright and barely squeezed through the other.

Like I said, this was a soccer kind of ending:

The Chiefs' holder, Dustin Colquitt, thought it was no good.

Even Santos had no idea the ball went in.

Keep in mind, the only reason the Chiefs were able to get into a position to kick that field goal was because of the Broncos' decision to attempt a 62-yard field goal on their final drive of overtime. That missed kick set up the Chiefs with the ball at the Broncos' 48-yard line with just over a minute remaining. Furthermore, if not for a game-tying, eight-point drive that involved a last-second controversial official review, the Chiefs wouldn't even have survived for overtime.

The Chiefs did more than survive. They won an important divisional game to keep pace with the Raiders in the AFC West (they're still a game back of Oakland). For that, they can thank the luckiest bounce of the 2016 season.

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