Chiefs vs. Broncos highlights: Game gets to overtime on controversial TD, two-pointer

Trailing by eight late in the fourth quarter, Andy Reid and Alex Smith did what they do best: mount a late touchdown drive by dinking and dunking (13 plays for 75 yards) their way downfield. For once, they didn't run out of time.

The Chiefs actually forced overtime with a touchdown and a two-point conversion in the final seconds of regulation Sunday night. But they were oh so close to coming up a yard short of the end zone. In fact, that's actually how the officials initially ruled the play.

With 15 seconds left, the Chiefs found themselves on the Broncos' 3-yard line. They were out of timeouts. Still, in typical fashion, Smith fired a pass short of the line to gain (the goal line). Tyreek Hill caught that pass on his knees at the 3-inch line, was immediately contacted by a Broncos defender, and slid into the end zone. The Chiefs acted as if they scored a game-tying touchdown (pending the two-pointer, of course), but the officials ruled that Hill was down by contact short of the goal line.

In a panic, the Chiefs tried to line up for one final play, but they were unable to mobilize in time. The officials saved them, though, blowing their whistles with one second showing on the game clock and signaling an official review.

On the replay, it was clear that Hill was contacted short of the goal line. But it was also clear that when he was contacted, he didn't have control of the ball. He didn't gain control until he slid into the end zone.

So, the call was overturned. And the Chiefs scored a touchdown. Now, they needed the two-point conversion to tie the game.

Smith rolled out to his right and found his tight end, Demetrius Harris, for the game-tying score. Somehow, after being dominated by the Broncos' defense for most of the night, the Chiefs forced overtime with two clutch plays.

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