Chris Boswell: Bengals' Josh Shaw intentionally tried to run into me

Chris Boswell may be a relative newcomer to the Steelers-Bengals rivalry but he has owned Cincinnati during his two-plus seasons. In four games at Paul Brown Stadium, Boswell has yet to miss a field goal. He's now 17-for-17 after converting three more attempts on Monday night, including the game-winner as time expired.

But in a game that was marred by penalties and cheap shots, Boswell says Bengals cornerback Josh Shaw tried to hurt him on the penultimate play. In an effort to block the 43-yard attempt, Shaw jumped offsides and didn't stop until he reached Boswell, where things got weird.

Shaw was so far offsides that he had overrun Boswell, who went through with the kick anyway. When Shaw saw that, he stuck out his right foot, presumably in an effort to block said kick. Instead, Boswell ended up kicking Shaw and Boswell was immediately in pain. 

Josh Shaw sticks out his foot as Chris Boswell attempts the game-winning field goal. ESPN/NFL

Boswell limped briefly before lining up for the retry, which he buried through the uprights.

"You're not jumping offsides that bad without trying to run into the kicker," Boswell said Wednesday morning, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Chris Adamski.

And this isn't just the Bengals; Boswell said it's become something of a trend.

"It's not an accident at all," he said. "If you look in the NFL for the last two years, multiple teams have done it just to try to … either if it's running into, blocking the kick, doing something. But Seattle did it last year against the Bills, Ravens did it against us last year – and now Cincinnati."

No word on if the NFL will fine Shaw after issuing one-game suspensions to JuJu Smith-Schuster and George Iloka.

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