Chris Long celebrates Super Bowl by giving every Eagle a bottle of Crown Royal

Chris Long is the gift that keeps on giving in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room.

He gave away his 2017 salary, funding education in three different cities. He gave the team four forced fumbles a year after winning the Super Bowl with the team the Eagles just beat to get their own trophy, the New England Patriots. He gave the world a chance to see a grown man in a rubber dog mask, barking in celebration.

And now, in honor of Philadelphia bringing home the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history, the veteran defensive end has given every single one of his teammates a bottle of Crown Royal XR whiskey.

The bottles, about $130 each, were accompanied by blue velvet bags, which were custom embroidered to say, "Congratulations 2018 Champions," with the date of the Eagles' Super Bowl victory.

The Crown Royal XR gifted by Chris Long to his Eagles teammates. Crown Royal

Crown Royal, which teamed up with Long to provide the bottles, said in a statement it has also donated $100,000 to Long's Waterboys initiative, a program within the veteran's foundation that "funds life-sustaining water wells for East African communities."

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