Chris Long doesn't understand the debate around Colin Kaepernick, nor does he understand Michael Vick's input on it. Long saw holes all over Vick's remarks about Kaepernick's hair and Vick's argument that Kaepernick could use a rebrand if his social media activism is a good thing. Earlier in the week, Vick asserted that Kaepernick should get his afro cut, remarks which Kaepernick did not appreciate. Long also said that Vick's point about Kaepernick not being signed because of performance doesn't hold up, and he thinks Kaepernick is among the 32 best quarterbacks in the league.

Long, who is currently with the Eagles, tweeted that "I had a dirty mullet last year" to a Patriots fan that called him an "SJW (social justice warrior) clown." Where he stands on the Kaepernick debate is abundantly clear: He doesn't seem to think that hair should really be an issue in the NFL.

The full conversation is mostly Long reiterating that he doesn't think that hair matters while people called him a brainwashed leftist. Vick has since backed off on his comments about hair being a factor for Kaepernick's roster status, saying that they're unrelated. However, the damage from the initial comments was already done, and the sports world has been debating ever since.