Chris Long gets help from fans, NFL players to raise $1.75M for education programs

Chris Long already donated his entire 2017 salary in the name of educational equality, but now he's got even more money to offer to programs in the three different cities that hosted his NFL career.

Preparing for the Philadelphia Eagles' first playoff game on Jan. 13, the veteran defensive end announced through his foundation Friday that the "Pledge 10 for Tomorrow" campaign, a fundraiser launched upon his decision to give up all of his $1 million base salary to aid organizations in St. Louis, Boston and Philadelphia, has collected $1.75 million in total donations.

Most of that total -- $1.3 million, to be exact -- came from fans, the foundation revealed. But others, including Long's teammate, safety Malcolm Jenkins, and fellow NFL players Andrew Whitworth and Arik Armstead, also endorsed the fundraiser after the former Rams and Patriots lineman contributed $450,000.

That $1.75 million will go toward "educational equality and opportunity" in those three different cities, through various programs targeting underprivileged youth. And it marks just the latest donation from Long and his wife, Megan, who have been supporting all-expenses-paid scholarships toward Charlottesville's St. Anne's-Belfield School for six years.

"Every game this year I took the field with a little extra motivation," Long said, per his foundation. "I knew that in doing what I love on Sundays, I was able to enhance my platform and do more good. When I started 'Pledge 10,' I was optimistic that I wouldn't do this alone and my investment would be matched by fan support. To see fans exceed my initial hopes and reach over $1 million is inspiring. And most importantly it reaffirms for the students we are supporting that people care and want to see them succeed."

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