Chris Long, Kyle Long share cool, brotherly moment on field after Eagles-Bears game in NFL playoffs

The NFL playoffs are a cruel time: for all the excitement when a team wins and advances, there's also the dagger of losing at the last second on a tipped, double-doink missed field goal, as the Bears did on Sunday night. It would be easy to lose sight of what's important in the moments after that kick, but Chris Long of the Eagles and Kyle Long of the Bears -- the Long brothers, the patron saints of NFL Twitter and generally good human beings -- kept their eyes on the prize.

Chris and Kyle, as captured by Dianna Russini of ESPN, met up on the field and gave each other some encouraging words. It was a very cool moment.

Seeing the grip Chris has on Kyle is pretty crazy. One dude looks like he's lost a lot of games in his career (Chris was drafted by the Rams back when they were bad) and knows the pain of what Kyle is seeing but understands sometimes you break through late in life (Chris won back-to-back Super Bowls with the Patriots and Eagles the last two years) and is doing his best to keep his brother from sliding off the edge. 

Or maybe Kyle is just the fired-up emotional one. At one point during this game, NBC showed a shot of Howie Long and someone noted that Howie told him Chris played with "psychological warfare" -- he had his young son Waylon FaceTime Kyle and sing "Fly Eagles Fly" or some such -- while Kyle was the emotional one who got fired up during the game.

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You can see all of that happening in real time. Or maybe Chris is just dropping some Johnny Cash lyrics on Kyle. Who knows?! Either way, an extremely cool moment between two brothers who just experienced the polar opposite reaction at the end of a football game. 

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