After signing solid starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor, drafting future franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield, trading for catch machine Jarvis Landry, drafting stud press cornerback Denzel Ward, and literally cleansing themselves of their 0-16 season, the Browns are finally generating a bit of buzz.

Adding to that buzz is linebacker Christian Kirksey, who wants us to remember that he said on Tuesday morning that the Browns will make the playoffs this season.

There are two ways of looking at the tweet.

The first way is to immediately notice that Kirksey plays for the Browns and then dismiss the tweet as nothing more than propaganda. That's not necessarily an incorrect way of looking at his prediction.

The second way is to notice that Kirksey has played for the Browns since 2014 -- which means he's lived through the 0-16 2017 season, the 1-15 2016 season, the 3-13 2015 season, and the 7-9 2014 season -- and then acknowledge that if anyone can spot the difference between a typical Browns team and a better Browns team, that person is probably Kirksey. That's also not necessarily an incorrect way of looking at his prediction.

Either way, there's no way to really know for certain if Kirksey's prediction will be proven true. Here's what we do know for certain: The Browns suddenly have an NFL-caliber quarterback for the first time since  ... 2007's version of Derek Anderson? They've also got a talented receiving corps, a versatile and deep backfield, a pair of potentially good pass-rushers, and a new potentially good cornerback. Even if the Browns don't make the playoffs, they shouldn't go winless again. They should at least be competent and competitive. The rebuild isn't complete, but it's reached a stage that should lead to some decent football. 

Kirksey isn't the only one talking about the Browns as a playoff team. In May, ESPN's Mike Clay took a deeper look at the Browns' chances to make the playoffs. More recently, our Will Brinson explained why they're set to exceed 5.5 wins. That might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but for the Browns, winning six games is pretty much the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest. 

Making the playoffs? Now that's like going to the moon. The Browns own the longest active playoff drought in the NFL, having not made the playoffs since 2002.