Cincinnati welcomes first overall pick Joe Burrow to the Bengals with billboards

Quarterback Joe Burrow added first overall pick to his already full resume on Thursday, after the Cincinnati Bengals did the expected and drafted the LSU star. Burrow helped lead the LSU Tigers to a national championship last season and had a quarterback performance throughout the entire year that has NFL fans and experts thinking he could be a force to be reckoned with in the big leagues.

The Bengals have struggled in most areas over the past few decades and have not had a quarterback that fans can feel excited about in some time.

Cincinnati holds the current record for the longest postseason victory drought with 29 years since a win, but fans are hoping Burrow signals the end of their misery.

To welcome in their first overall pick, a selection they earned from having the worst record in the league last year at 2-14, the city put up billboards in honor of the former Tiger.

The first billboard reads "Welcome Home" with the "O" in "Home" shaped like Ohio. Clever. The photo pictures Burrow photoshopped to be wearing a Bengals uniform. 

There is another billboard to make Burrow feel welcomed into the city, that reads, "Overall No. 1 Pick National Champion Burrow." It also says, "Geaux Bengals" playing off the "Geaux Tigers" chant from his college team.

The Bengals Twitter account posted photos of the signs with the caption, "#BurrOH x Burreaux."

Another nickname Burrow is earning is the "Tiger King," after the Netflix phenomenon and his connection with teams dawning big cat mascots.

If there is one thing he already has accomplished in the NFL, it's having lots of nicknames.

Bengals fans have been through it, but Burrow might just be the end of their suffering. Or at the very least maybe now they'll have a better record than the also forever struggling Cleveland Browns.

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