Clay Matthews say he's 'awesome' and 'not dirty'

Clay Matthews says he's 'awesome' and 'not dirty.'
Clay Matthews says he's 'awesome' and 'not dirty.' (USATSI)

Even though Clay Matthews was spotted tackling Colin Kaepernick roughly 400 feet out of bounds in Week 1 when the Packers and 49ers played, the Green Bay linebacker doesn't think he's a "dirty" player.

In fact, the only way that Matthews would describe himself, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, is "awesome."

"I'm an awesome player. I'm not a dirty player," Matthews said when asked about the hit on Kaepernick.

Asked also about his reaction to Jim Harbaugh saying he's a dirty player (and needs to bring some knuckles to his fights) Matthews declined to comment.

"No, I don't have any reaction," Matthews said. "I'm onto the next game."

Matthews also declined to say whether he's been fined by the NFL, though it's hard to imagine he didn't get fined (especially when you consider the NFL meted out punishment against Lavonte David for his hit on Geno Smith).

It also just generally sounds like Matthews is ready to move on from the loss to the 49ers and all the hubbub surrounding his play in general.

"I think my resume's pretty good right now," Matthews said. "I think we're doing all right."

They'd be doing a lot better if they'd won, of course, but there's a pretty good chance that Matthews will get a shot at revenge at some point.

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