The Cleveland police union's rift with Isaiah Crowell ended on Wednesday after receiving an additional apology and a promise from the Browns running back that he'd donate his first game check to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

Speaking with TMZ, Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association president Stephen Loomis explained why he's chosen to forgive Crowell, who posted a now-deleted graphic image to Instagram that showed a man slitting a police officer's throat.

"I appreciate the apology and we accept it," Loomis said. "People are allowed to make mistakes in life. Our problem was that first apology. It wasn't sincere. But Isaiah stepped up to the plate to make a personal apology, and we definitely appreciate his donation to the Fallen Officers Foundation."

In Crowell's second apology, this time via video, he said "would never wish violence on anyone -- especially a police officer." He went onto explain that by posting that picture, he "became a part of the problem."

According to, Crowell posted the picture before five officers were killed in Dallas on Thursday. He said that he uploaded the photo in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, both of whom were shot by police.

Isaiah Crowell made things right with police. USATSI

Crowell apologized for the image on Monday, but Loomis responded by saying the "store-bought apology" wasn't enough.

"You're a grown ass man, and you claim you were too emotional to know it was wrong? Think we'll accept your apology? Kiss my ass," Loomis told TMZ. "He needs to go to Dallas, help the families who lost their loved ones last week, write them a check, look them in the eyes and give a heartfelt apology."

Loomis threatened to prevent police from working at Browns home games this year -- a threat he won't have to follow through on anymore.

"I'm glad we didn't have to go the route of boycotting Browns games," Loomis told TMZ. "We would not have enjoyed that. We wanted to give Isaiah the opportunity to make things right, and he did."

Loomis added that he'd "love to work with Isaiah in the future." On his part, Crowell said in the apology video that he's "committed to being part of the solution."