This week Browns coach Freddie Kitchens went to the movies in a shirt that David Sampson said "caused quite a bit of controversy" on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson." Kitchens was seen in a post on social media wearing a shirt that said "Pittsburgh Started It."

For those who missed it, or as Samson put it, "For those of you who are living under a rock," the shirt referred to the fight that occurred at the end of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Browns game a couple of weeks ago, when Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hit Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet. Multiple players were suspended following the game, including Garrett, who received an indefinite suspension.

Samson was not a fan of Kitchens' wardrobe choice. He said, rather sarcastically, "Freddie Kitchens decided because the Browns are having such a good season and all of the focus has been on the performance of their team."

Samson went on to describe what these type of actions are called by the other team. "It's called BBM ... you want to stay away from Bulletin Board Material."

The phrase originated from an actual bulletin board that used to be hanging up where teams practiced and now is used to describe things that could motivate the opposing team. 

The Steelers caught wind of the shirt and it gave them "extra bonus incentive," Samson says, "as if their mediocre season was not bonus incentive enough." 

The podcast host does not approve of giving the other team bulletin board material, but finds it particularly confusing when the coach of a losing team does it. "When your job is hanging by a thread basically the width of dental floss why is it that you feel you want to stir the pot? Tell me the benefit," he said. 

In his experience it pays to gauge how things will be perceived in the future, "Every move you make, I want you to do a cost benefit analysis."

Samson says that before you wear a shirt joking about the most controversial play in the league this season, take a 30 second breather and think about whether it is a good decision or not. Before you make it so your players must answer to your actions, decide whether it is worth it.

The Browns ended up losing the brawl rematch 20-13 and fell to 5-7.