Many NFL teams have been busy this offseason not just on the scouting and NFL Draft end, but when it comes to logos and uniforms as well. Multiple teams have debuted new, fresh looks, with some getting a major makeover and others just getting a minor tweak or a new alternate logo. It's safe to say some looks have been more successful than others.

The Indianapolis Colts revealed some minor changes on Monday, which included changing their word mark, adding a new color to the palette and introducing a new secondary logo.

The Colts went with a rustic looking "C" with the shape of Indiana carved into the letter. They added the bit of state pride to the image "to honor our rich history, cement our real and lasting connection to Indiana and embrace the exciting future that lies ahead," Colts vice chair and owner Carlie Irsay-Gordon said

It's not a terrible logo by any means, and yet, it still stirred up some drama for the team. After they revealed the new look, the Colts were called out for allegedly copying a local high school logo. 

Cathedral High School's 2017 logo is a near identical image of the Colts' new one, with some minor color differences. With the general idea of the logo being so similar, Jere Kubuskethe person who created the first logo spoke out.

"Good to know that even though I'm in WI now, I can still contribute to life in Indy. Thank you Colts for ripping off my logo for [Cathedral Football]," he wrote.

According to a local paper, he now teaches physical science at Green Bay East High.

He also retweeted multiple people who called out the team for allegedly copying his image and noted that back in 2017, Cathedral High School "regularly" tagged the Colts in social media posts featuring the logo "because of using their facilities, playing in their stadium."

And to further prove his point that the Colts would have seen the school's logo, he pointed out that Indy's tight end Jack Doyle went to Cathedral High School. 

The Colts can now bond with the Los Angeles Rams, who were also accused of stealing a logo this year.