Colts' Dwayne Allen 'can't stand the draft,' after it cost him millions

Everyone talks about the NFL Draft as a wonderful experience for the players and a time for general managers to prove they know how to value players. But it's not always a perfect world. For instance, take Colts tight end Dwayne Allen.

Allen left Clemson early after winning the John Mackey Award as the nation's top tight end (he was also a first-team AP All-American and a second-team All-American) because he was given a high grade (apparently a first-round grade) by the draft panel. But his name wasn't called until the early third and now he "can't stand the draft."

"I want to say congratulations to all those guys whose dreams are going to come true,” Allen told Mike Chappelle of the Indianapolis Star. “But I won’t be watching.

"I can’t stand the draft.”

Remember the Colts actually passed on Allen when they selected Coby Fleener with their first pick of the second round. No one expected them to select a tight end with their third-round pick, but Allen sitting there was obviously quite appealing to Colts GM Ryan Grigson.

It was a good pick too, because Allen was the better player in 2013 and looks like a potential star at tight end. He sounded a little baffled that the Panthers, who had worked out the Fayetteville, NC, product, took Aminu Solatulu instead of him.

“A guy I had never heard of,” Allen said of the selection.

And he also apparently thought the Giants might take him. While the Giants were on the clock, he got the call ... but it was for the next team up and he was told to "hold on for Mr. Irsay."

“I was like, ‘[expletive] it’s the Colts,’ ” Allen said. “[Owner Jim Irsay] gets on and said, ‘Hey, Dwayne, we’re going to take you with the next pick. We’re excited to have you. Hold on for coach Pagano.'

"Coach starts talking to me and the entire time I’m emotionless. I was more pissed than anything else."

Allen says that he was "very rude and nonchalant" when the Colts originally called. His demeanor had to do with the "money slipping away" -- Fleener made $2 million more on his rookie contract in the form of signing bonus than Allen did as a result of the round that separated the two. He lost at least a million by not having Carolina pick him at No. 40 overall as well. 

The story's got a happy ending, because Allen called up the Colts, apologized for being a jerkstore on the phone, promised to play hard, promised himself he would play "every day with the same anger I had on draft night," and went out had a killer rookie season.

He'll end up making the money back eventually. And he'll probably feel for anyone else who falls far in the draft. But he just won't be watching.

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