Colts GM Grigson: 'We did not extend the invitation' to host RG3 in Indy

Have Irsay and the Colts spurned RG3? (Getty Images)

Take a look at just about any mock draft -- including all six of ours, updated Tuesday! -- and it's pretty obvious the world thinks (knows?) that the Colts will take Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Colts still haven't confirmed that, via negotiations with Luck or anything other than hints from Jim Irsay on Twitter, but Indy general manager Ryan Grigson did say on Wednesday at a press conference that the Colts already know who they're taking.

"We’ve exhausted the process," Grigson said. "We’ve pretty much made up our minds and we’re going to go from there. We feel good about it and we’ll go from there."

Lest you think there's wiggle room in that quote, Grigson subsequently backed himself into a corner. (Not that said corner is a bad place to be.)

"It’s been a little while," Grigson said when asked how long he'd known who they'd take. "We’ve known for a little while. We’ve done all of our due-diligence. [Barring] any unforeseen problem we’re pretty sure what direction we want to go. Barring any unforeseen event, we know what we’re doing."

In other words, as long as Andrew Luck doesn't try to jump the Grand Canyon with a four-wheeler and/or injure himself in some other equally ridiculous and career-threatening way, the Colts are going to roll with the Stanford quarterback.

There's a chance that it's a shocking pick and that they're taking Robert Griffin III instead, but considering Grigson said the Colts didn't even invite RG3 to Indy, it's hard to imagine they'll be calling his name.

"No, he had not made the trip out here," Grigson said of Griffin. "We did not extend the invitation. You get to the point where you know. Sometimes the age and the player dictate what you can actually do and what you’re capable of doing. That’s up to them. There is some gamesmanship involved and things like that.

"We just did the best we could with what we were given."

Is it just me or is there some animosity going on between Griffin and the Colts? He's all buddy-buddy with Mike Shanahan and kind of shut down Indy's ability to play games with the No. 1, as if anyone ever really believed they'd pick someone other than Luck.

Whatever, we apparently won't know the answer until the draft actually begins, as Grigson says the Colts aren't looking at negotiating with their top choice until after they take him.

“We’ve kicked that around," Grigson said. "I don’t know what the true advantage is at this point to [negotiate] early. We’ll see. We’re focused right now on picking the guys. That stuff will take care of itself."

The good news is that because of the new CBA, it won't be difficult to sign Luck to a contract that's within reason. At the very least it'll certainly be easier than trying to hid who they're taking.
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