Colts Owner Jim Irsay clarifies remarks about Manning, Super Bowls

Irsay meant to say that with better special teams and defense, Manning would've had more success in Indy. (USATSI)
We underestimated Peyton Returns to Indy Week!; turns out, it's worse than Manning Bowl Week. Of course, no one's talking about the game because we're too busy dissecting the comments of Colts owner Jim Irsay, and then the responses to those comments from everyone who has ever worked with Peyton Manning.

It started with Irsay saying, among other things, that he was disappointed the team didn't win more than one Super Bowl during Manning's 14-year tenure in Indy.

This prompted responses from the team's former president, Bill Polian, and Manning's current coach in Denver, John Fox. The former was flummoxed, saying of Irsay's remarks, "I really don't know what to make of it to tell you the truth," while the latter called them "a cheap shot."

Pat Kirwan of and SiriusXM Radio wrote that "Not only do I agree with Fox, but Irsay's comments bothered me even more when I thought about what Manning did for the Colts and his place in NFL history."

"Irsay claims he needed to change the model of how the Colts were built by jettisoning Manning, which is an insult to former GM Bill Polian and misguided at best," Kirwan continued. "Polian built a winning team and Irsay should be smart enough to recognize that -- but he's not. As for Irsay's take that Manning puts up "Star Wars" numbers, but isn't successful enough in the postseason season makes Irsay sound like a spoiled brat who has no idea what winning takes. I wonder what other owners, who may be still looking for their first shot at a Super Bowl, might think of Irsay's commentary."

By Wednesday, Irsay was trying to clarify his remarks (via Twitter, naturally):

Our take: It's only Wednesday and we're already at the point where we miss the media overhyping the actual game.

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