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Pardon Philip Rivers for not being the most mobile quarterback in the world, especially at the age of 38. Rivers made a tackle attempt many football fans can relate to late in the first quarter of the Indianapolis Colts' matchup with the Baltimore Ravens

Colts running back Jonathan Taylor fumbled at the end of a 9-yard run as the strip was caused by Marcus Peters, and it was recovered by safety Chuck Clark. From there, Clark was off to the races down the right sidelines with just one man to beat -- Rivers. 

Let's allow Rivers to tell the tale of how it went. 

Rivers appeared to take an angle to try and stop Clark from scoring the touchdown, but Clark pivoted off his right foot, and the quarterback stumbled to the ground. Rivers reached his arms up as a last-ditch effort to trip Clark as the Ravens safety hurdled over him for the score, which tied the game for Baltimore. 

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Rivers is one of just six quarterbacks to throw 400 touchdown passes, but that tackle attempt will be on blooper reels for years to come.