Question anything you'd like about Philip Rivers, but you can never question his toughness. The eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback has muscled through many an injury in his 16 seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers, and now he's doing it for the Indianapolis Colts in 2020. Rivers has been dealing with what some are describing as a severe foot injury, one that will likely lead him to have surgery in the offseason to come, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. It's being described informally as severe turf toe but, officially, the diagnosis is much worse.

The 38-year-old is reportedly nursing a plantar plate rupture, and his ability and willingness to play through it has Quenton Nelson floored. The two-time First-Team All-Pro offensive lineman is in awe watching Rivers brush off an injury that would end most players' seasons.

"I'd say one thing I didn't know about him coming in was his dedication to the game, his toughness," Nelson said, via The Indianapolis Star. "[He's] playing with a really bad problem with his foot."

With just five regular season games left to play, Rivers hasn't missed a single game in 2020, and doesn't see it happening going forward. He's all-in on finishing out his one-year, $25 million contract signed with the Colts this offseason, having now also thrown for 2,978 yards and 16 touchdowns to nine interceptions en route to a 7-4 record. As Indy prepares to take on their AFC South rival in the Houston Texans, and eyeing the playoffs, the last thing Rivers is willing to do is take his helmet off.

"I think it's just a matter of continuing to monitor a little bit of the soreness, more than anything," he said just ahead of the Colts matchup with the Texans. "Don't want to just continue to keep yourself sore all week long if you can help it a little bit. I just thought that was the best approach this week. ... I honestly told you all last week I had no concerns about being able to go. 

"Certainly don't have any concerns this week."

For Rivers, the concerns will have to wait until the offseason, when he'll be a 39-year-old free agent potentially undergoing major foot surgery. Should 2020 eventually become the swan song for Rivers, he's giving it his all to try and leave the NFL with a bang and not a wimper.