Colts probably didn't consider Robert Marve for Mr. Irrelevant pick

Gonna be perfectly honest here: I didn't think the Colts had a great draft this year. It was surprising given their success last season, but, hey, you can't win 'em all, right?

They did land Mr. Irrelevant, though. So that's something. Unfortunately, it was never going to be quarterback Robert Marve. Not that this should be a surprise: Marve suffered a slew of injuries and dealt with a transfer in 2009 (he's currently 24) before finishing his football career at Purdue after originally heading to Miami as a four-star recruit.

Still, someone was asking:

I cannot explain how much I love that a.) someone asked this, and b.) the Colts actually responded.

Land-Grant Holy Land has a screen shot of the Colts' response in case they delete it. (Update: They did delete it. Wonk, wonk. Picture below. I saw it for myself and can confirm.) I'm not sure why they would, although the Chiefs recently got in trouble for being condescending to folks on social media.

I don't think the Colts were doing that. I think they were legitimately confused. It's hard to blame them, either.

At least they didn't call someone Shirley.

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