Andrew Luck didn't win a Super Bowl ring last season, but when the Colts open up offseason workouts in a few weeks, he'll likely be wearing a new piece of jewelry: a wedding ring. 

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Colts quarterback got married over the weekend to his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec, in a ceremony that took place Saturday (March 30) in Prague. The two decided to tie the knot in the Czech Republic because that's where Pechanec's parents are from. 

The 29-year-old Luck met Pechanec while both were attending Stanford nearly 10 years ago. Luck was the quarterback for the Cardinal football team from 2009-11 while Pechanec was a gymnast for Stanford from 2009-12. During her time in Palo Alto, Pechanec was the captain of the women's gymnastics team for two years and also participated in two separate NCAA finals. 

Before attending Stanford, Pechanec actually represented the Czech Republic in gymnastics during the World Games (2006-07) and European Championships (2007). The 29-year-old is currently a TV field producer who has helped networks like NBC and ESPN with their gymnastics coverage. 

The fact that Pechanec is a former athlete has come in handy for the couple. In John Feinstein's book, "Quarterback," Luck said that, if not for Nicole, he would have never made it through the lengthy rehabilitation process that he had to endure while dealing with his shoulder injury, which caused him to miss the entire 2017 season. 

During his rehab, Luck spent two months in Europe and Pechanec was by his side the entire time. 

"Honestly, though, I wouldn't have gotten through it if not for Nicole," Luck said in Feinstein's book, via the Star. "It isn't just that she was willing to do anything she could to help me. It's that she's tough. She knows what training is like, what it's like to feel pain, and what it's like to have to work really hard. There's no way I get through those two months without her."

Luck and Pechanec were both in Atlanta for the NFL Honors ceremony on Feb. 2, a night where the Colts quarterback was named the league's Comeback Player of the Year. It's not clear how long the couple will be in Prague, but if Luck plans on attending the start of the Colts' offseason workouts, then he'll need to be back in Indy by April 15

Andrew Luck and Nicole Pechanec attended the NFL Honors ceremony roughly six weeks before tying the knot.  USATSI