Colts TE Coby Fleener fakes dunk over crossbar after TD

Dunks might be illegal, but fake dunks aren't. (USATSI)
Dunks might be illegal, but fake dunks aren't. (USATSI)

Dunking over the crossbar isn't allowed in the NFL anymore, so Coby Fleener did something slightly different on Saturday: He fake dunked over the crossbar. 

After catching a 21-yard touchdown pass from Andrew Luck, Fleener walked up to the crossbar like he was going to dunk it. The ref then stared Fleener down, as if he was daring Fleener to dunk it. 

THEN BLUE THE COLTS MASCOT runs over, as if to say, "Don't do it Coby! Don't get fined for a dunk! We could use that money on oats and hay or a new costume for me!"

In the end, Fleener offered a pump-fake and didn't dunk it, so he won't have to worry about getting a $30,000 fine like Jimmy Graham did for his two touchdown celebrations last week. 

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