Are you ready for Scott Tolzien, Hollywood? 

When the Colts open up their season next week against the Rams in Los Angeles, they likely won't be armed with their best weapon, quarterback Andrew Luck. At this point, it seems more and more likely that Tolzien will be the one starting under center. 

On Thursday night, Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke with reporters about Luck's recovery from offseason shoulder surgery. Though Irsay refused to rule out Luck for the season opener, he also admitted that the odds are stacked against Luck.

According to Irsay, it's more up to the football gods and Luck's mental state than anything else:

All of this -- how the Colts handled Luck's shoulder woes for the past couple years, how they've talked about his injury in recent months, and how they've failed to bring in someone who can fill in somewhat adequately for Luck (like, say, Colin Kaepernick) -- is just strange. Is Irsay blaming this on Luck's fragile mental state? Why is the timetable up to the football gods and not doctors? Why haven't the Colts signed a better replacement?

For now, this is what we know: Luck likely won't play Week 1. It's unknown when he'll return. In the meantime, a quarterback with a career 66.4 passer rating will likely start for a thin team that needs a top-tier quarterback to have a chance to win. 

The season hasn't even started and the Colts' hopes are already sinking like a stone in the sea.