NFL: Washington Commanders OTA
Geoff Burke / USA TODAY Sports

Carson Wentz is about to enter his first season with the Washington Commanders and all eyes are on the quarterback to see if he can prove himself after mediocre seasons. During training camp, Wentz's accuracy has not been close to perfect, but head coach Ron Rivera says it does not concern him.

When asked about these throwing issues, Rivera admitted to noticing the inaccuracy, but is far from going into panic mode.

"It's a lot better than you give him credit for, just because of the way things happen in practice. There's a lot of little nuances that we see that we look at that we get to review. Yeah, there's some inaccuracy. But it's nothing that we are overly concerned [about]," Rivera said, via ESPN.

As Rivera has seen more of Wentz, he says there is growth that needs to happen, but the team is currently focused on improving each day and not too worried about the setbacks.

"Again, we see what's going on. We see how things are developing. We see the timing and just the understanding and feel for what's going on with our concepts," Rivera said. "So, as we continue to grow and work on it, we just feel like we're going to continue to grow and get better as an offensive unit."

Rivera has been supportive of Wentz since he arrived in Washington, calling him "brilliantly smart" and comparing him to quarterback Philip Rivers.

Wentz was with the Indianapolis Colts last season after spending the majority of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles