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The Washington Commanders aren't even technically for sale yet, but it seems that bidders are already lining up to purchase the team and one of the interested parties appears to be Jeff Bezos. 

According to the Washington Post, the Amazon founder is eyeing the team for a possible purchase if it goes up for sale. Jay-Z is also apparently looking at the Commanders, and according to People magazine, Bezos might consider a partnership with the rapper. 

The reason things are leaking out now is because current Commanders owner Daniel Snyder announced on Wednesday that he's hired Bank of America "to consider potential transactions" involving the team. Snyder didn't specify whether he was looking to sell the entire team or just a small stake though, only that he would be "exploring all options."

If Snyder decides to sell the entire team, the price could end being near $5 billion. The last team that went up for sale was the Broncos and they sold for $4.65 billion to Walmart heir Rob Walton. The Commanders are worth an estimated $4.7 billion, so that would likely be the lowest price that we'd see them sell for. 

Of course, money won't be any object for Bezos, who is currently the fourth-richest man in the world. According to Forbes, Bezos is worth a total of $112.9 billion, and if he bought the Commanders, he would instantly become the richest owner in the NFL

Before Bezos would be able to buy the team, he'd have to go through a bidding process. After that, he would have to be approved by the league's 32 owners. 

"Any potential transaction would have to be presented to the NFL Finance Committee for review and require an affirmative vote by three quarters of the full membership (24 of 32 teams)," the NFL said Wednesday. 

Both those issues would be mere formalities for Bezos. For one, if he truly wants to buy the team, no one would be able to outbid him. Also, the owners would probably unanimously approve his bid. As CBS Sports reported back in 2019, Bezos spent some time getting close with several owners and he "has strong support within the league" when it comes to joining the ownership ranks. 

Since that report from three years ago, Bezos' ties with the NFL have only grown. Back in March 2021, Amazon signed an 11-year deal with the league to become the exclusive provider of "Thursday Night Football." According to CNBC, Amazon is paying the NFL roughly $1 billion per year for the rights. 

When the new Thursday package debuted back in September with Chargers-Chiefs in Week 2, Bezos was spotted sitting next to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the game. 

If Bezos is going to buy any team, the Commanders definitely make sense and a big reason for that is because he's already making roots in the area. Not only does he own the Washington Post, but Amazon's monstrous second headquarters (HQ2) is being built in nearby Arlington. Not to mention, the value of the team would skyrocket with a new stadium and that's something Bezos would likely be able to get done if he becomes the new owner.