Commish of A-11 Football League would 'love' to have Tim Tebow play

Could Tim Tebow end up in the AF-11?
Could Tim Tebow end up in the AF-11?(USATSI)

Tim Tebow's stated -- over and over again -- that his dream is to become a quarterback in the NFL. Wonder if he's settle for the A-11?

Probably not, but the A-11 would be fine if he was down. Commish (and CEO!) Scott McKibben told the San Francisco Chronicle that they would "love to have" Tebow join the league.

“We would love to have Tim Tebow join our league," McKibben said. "Tim Tebow stands for everything we think the game ought to represent -- character, values and role-modeling for young players."

So, I guess the next thing is ... Oh right. What is the A-11 league? Excellent question!

*Googles A-11 Football League*

Turns out the A-11 Football League is a new spring professional league returning the game to its original roots. They will have more updates to share in the coming months.

Hmm. Upon further research, it appears there are currently six teams (with two more coming), including the Los Angeles Express, New Jersey Generals, Dallas Wranglers, Chicago Staggs, Tampa Bay Bandits and San Francisco Bay Area Sea Lions.

"San Francisco Bay Area Sea Lions" will look great on a jersey, no doubt.

ESPN, Tebow's current employer, is currently set to broadcast two games. One at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on May 17 and the other at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on June 5. 

An "offer" has apparently already been made to Tebow too.

"We have made an offer to Tim Tebow," McKibben said. "We've had probably three or four discussions with people in the Tebow camp. We'd love to have Tim Tebow join our league. we think that if Tim came to play in the spring, he could still very much honor his obligations to ESPN."

He certainly could. The bigger issue for the league is actually convincing Tebow to play. Yes, it would be good publicity but Tebow has plenty of that. What he doesn't have is a platform for getting him into the NFL as a quarterback.

Maybe he's improved as a passer and the AF11 is exactly what will get him there. But for now color me skeptical on all counts.

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