The Dallas Cowboys are once again the most valuable franchise in all of professional sports. According to Forbes' list of the most valuable franchises in the world, no team in any sport is worth more than the one owned by Jerry Jones, which carries a value of $4.8 billion. It's the third straight year the Cowboys have topped the Forbes list. 

America's Team has the highest revenue ($840 million) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ($350 million) of any franchise.

Owner Jerry Jones can't rely on international revenue streams to boost his team's fortunes, but he built a gold-plated ATM in AT&T Stadium. The venue that opened in 2009 generates more than $100 million a year in premium seat revenue via luxury suites and club seating and $150 million from sponsors, including the team's practice facility. Non-football events at the $1.2 billion stadium, along with tours of what is affectionately known as Jerry World, kick off tens of millions of dollars more.

The Cowboys are joined in the top 25 by each of the other three teams in the NFC East, as well as eight other NFL franchises. The NFL comprises 12 of the top 25 teams on Forbes' list, as well as 29 of the top 50. (The Cleveland Browns are No. 50, at $1.95 billion.) The only three NFL teams that did not rank inside the top 50 were the Cincinnati Bengals ($1.8 billion), Detroit Lions ($1.7 billion), and Buffalo Bills ($1.6 billion). 

Here are the other NFL teams in the top 25: 

At a time when the NFL is facing several scandals and PR crises, it must be nice for the owners to know that they still have incredibly valuable assets on their hands. Whether things remain that way in the future is another question entirely, but for now, the NFL is still riding high.