No one loves a meandering interview answer quite like Jerry Jones. The Cowboys owner and general manager is always willing to walk himself back into a circle when doing radio interviews, and oftentimes he ends up in an interesting place, as was the case when Jerry appeared on 105.3 the Fan in Dallas on Tuesday

Asked about a report from Jane Slater of the NFL Network that he and his son/Cowboys VP Stephen Jones met with former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer for a look at the Cowboys gig, Jones was emphatic they had not met with him. But before hosts R.J. Ochoa and Shan Shariff could ask a follow-up question, Jones managed to let the world know that he was absolutely not snuffing out any interest in Meyer for the future.

"That's not correct. I can confirm that it is absolutely not correct. We have not met with any coach," Jones said. "Not met with any, specifically, why in answering that question, I don't want to imply we wouldn't in a way that would diminish the credibility of a coach -- or a player -- that's you're asking about.

"Normally when somebody says 'have you met with such and such' or 'are you interested in such and such' and you say 'I have not' the implication is you're not interested. That shouldn't be brought forward either.

"The facts are we just have not talked to any coach ... potential coach in the NFL."

Man do I love semantics in this business. Jerry can flatly deny that he and Stephen have not met with any coach and be 100 percent truthful. However, it's entirely possible that any member of the Jones family TALKED to Urban in recent weeks without it constituting a meeting and without it constituting anything related to a coaching inquiry. Or perhaps someone with the Jones family spoke to Urban's agent or someone from Urban's camp. Meyer came out and mentioned how attractive the position was previously.

There's no question -- zero doubt -- Jason Garrett is on the hot seat. If Urban is interested in returning to coaching, it's highly likely his camp would do its due diligence on the Cowboys situation. You just put the vibe out and see what happens. Even if it's under the guise of talking about Ohio State players Urban previously coached for draft purposes, it wouldn't be a hard sell. 

And, if you go back and listen to Slater's report from before Dallas' Week 14 game, it's clear there was no reported meeting.

"There is a very real interest in Urban Meyer," Slater reported before the Cowboys' loss to the Bears in Week 14. "In fact, I was told Stephen Jones has talked to him very recently."

More important to the discussion here, outside of Jerry's discussion of a meeting specifically, is the way in which he wrapped up the answer to the question. After very distinctly saying there had been no meeting, Jones made it abundantly clear with his continued answer that he was not snuffing out any interest in meeting with Meyer in the future, or in meeting with any coach in the future.

That should set off alarm bells in everyone's head: he has finally prepared himself to move on from Jason Garrett in the event the Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl this year. Jerry is like the optimistic fantasy football owner who still believed he could make the playoffs at 5-6 (guilty as charged btw). He knows a win over the Eagles in Week 16 likely puts the Cowboys in the playoffs and from there anything can happen. 

Jerry's dream scenario involves the Cowboys limping into the playoffs, getting hot and Garrett hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for all the world to see. There's nothing Jerry would love more than to give his boy a 10-year contract extension for winning the Super Bowl with a seven-win division champion. It's why he won't fire him during the season.

But if/when it doesn't happen, you better believe those meetings will start to be real.