Cowboys' Cole Beasley gets into Twitter spat with Eagles radio personality over Dak

A word of advice for professional athletes: Don't listen to opponents' sports radio, and definitely don't respond to them on Twitter. After the Cowboys lost to the Falcons 27-7 and Dak Prescott got sacked six times -- by Adrian Clayborn alone -- the Eagles' own Howard Eskin took to Twitter to say that Dak Prescott was... less-than optimal in the performance.

Now, before moving forward, it is important to note that Elliott wasn't the only thing missing for Prescott in Sunday's game. Cowboys starting left tackle and perennial All-Pro Tyron Smith was also out, which would impact Prescott's performance a lot more directly. Wide receiver Cole Beasley took offense to Eskin's comments, and let him know in kind.

Bleeding Green Nation

The Eagles-Cowboys debate between Prescott and fellow 2016 rookie Carson Wentz has raged on this year, as the Eagles are enjoying the success that the Cowboys did last season. They're three games ahead of the Cowboys in the NFC East, and have looked dominant in accumulating that lead. Balance has been a key part of that, and Wentz hasn't had to put up absurd numbers -- but neither has Prescott.

All things told, the difference is based on team, not player. But Eskin fired back at Beasley on Monday morning addressing the part he forgot to mention on Sunday.

The Eagles play the Cowboys next week in primetime, and it promises to be an interesting NFC East matchup. Should the Eagles win, the Cowboys' deficit in the division would be nearly insurmountable, but they have bigger things to worry about, including fighting for their playoff lives. Obviously players want to defend their teammates, but players would be best served letting sports radio hosts be sports radio hosts.

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