Cowboys Dak Prescott is officially a top five NFL QB

This just in: Dak Prescott is pretty good at playing NFL football.

While that's not breaking news unless your residence is under the crevice of a random sedimentary rock, the Dallas Cowboys are loving every snap he takes. The 2016 fourth round pick was once cast as a third-string QB at best this season, but Fate would have none of it. Two injuries later Prescott is a grease fire the NFL keeps trying to throw water on.

And he's now officially one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL after his performance in Green Bay.

Prescott's consistency would be unheard of in a most veteran QBs, so to see it displayed in a rookie is jaw-dropping. Peep his QB rating in the five Cowboys wins:

  • 103.7
  • 123.6
  • 114.7
  • 117.9
  • 117.4

He has thrown for 1,486 yards and seven TDs and has three rushing TDs to boot. His sole interception came after he had already broken Tom Brady's record for most consecutive passes without tossing it to the opposite team, and when Prescott did it wasn't a back breaker.

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The Cowboys rallied around the mistake and really went to the task of beating up on the Packers.

A threat both in the air and on the ground, it's nearly impossible to predict what Prescott will do in the red zone which is a key reason the Cowboys are now finishing drives with end zone celebrations versus Dan Bailey field goals. What makes it all that much sweeter is the humility the rookie carries, always striving to one up himself at every turn.

As insane of a year as fellow Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott is having, even the young rusher believes Prescott is the man right now.

In April the Cowboys did all they could to land QBs Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook, but Fate took the wheel there as well it seems and swerved onto the exit labeled 'Mississippi State'.

And right now it's all smiles in the land of The Star.

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