Dak Prescott likely wouldn't miss the coming battle with the Philadelphia Eagles for anything short of an amputation, and even then he might try to take the field for the Dallas Cowboys with only three limbs. Toughness being one of his top attributes -- having not missed a single practice or game since entering the NFL in 2016 -- the team opened the week with no concerns after he suffered a sprained AC joint in his shoulder in the blowout win over the Los Angeles Rams.

It occurred very early in the first quarter, but Prescott popped back up and never left the game for evaluation. An MRI earlier this week showed no structural damage and the injury was described more as a "sore" shoulder than anything else. The expectation on Wednesday was that Prescott will take the field on Sunday, and that stance has only been emboldened one day later.

"I think we're in good shape," owner Jerry Jones told 105.3FM the Fan on Thursday. "We're not worried about it."

Prescott echoed the statements of Jones, saying he'll be "good to go" when Dallas takes the field Sunday in Philadelphia. In the past, he's dealt with nagging pain in college at Mississippi State, but he hasn't experienced much of this in the NFL.

"It's just annoying," Prescott said, via ESPN. "I mean, it's nagging. Definitely dealt with a lot more pain, so it's just annoying. It's frustrating. I'm a guy that likes to be in the action. I don't like to sit back, don't like to take any reps off, but it's good mentally."

That sentiment was mirrored only moments later by head coach Jason Garrett in his press conference.

"Rest is the best thing right now," Garrett told media. "He's progressing." 

Additionally for Prescott, as far as the finger injury that launched speculation regarding the possibility it was fractured -- sources confirming to me earlier this week there was no such fracture -- Garrett noted there "doesn't appear to be" any lingering issues that would affect his play this weekend. Prescott will remain limited in practice on Thursday and expect him to also be held back on Friday, as he uses rest to help expedite the recovery of his shoulder. Prescott doesn't expect to wear any added padding on the shoulder as that could affect his throwing motion. 

For those wondering if it'll impact his play against the Eagles, though, Jones says have no fear.

"I'm totally convinced he'll be in top form."

If this holds true and Prescott is asked to shoulder the offensive load, the Eagles beleaguered secondary could be in for a long day.