Cowboys GM Jerry Jones named NFL Executive of the Year by PFWA

Some might argue that the Cowboys were 12-4 despite Jerry Jones. (USATSI)
Some might argue that the Cowboys were 12-4 despite Jerry Jones. (USATSI)

If not for that stupid Calvin Johnson rule, the Cowboys might have scored on the Dez Bryant-catch-that-wasn't, escaped Green Bay with a win, and been the team to face the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game.

It didn't happen. Chris Christie's lucky red sweater lost its mojo and the Cowboys, like 28 other teams, will watch Sunday's action from their collective couches. But what the organization accomplished this season -- the 12-4 record, including an 8-0 mark on the road -- wasn't lost on the Pro Football Writers of America.

That's right, the PFWA named Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones its 2014 NFL Executive of the Year.

While someone in the front office is deserving of this award, we're not sure it's Jerry Jones. Back in May, a day after the Cowboys selected offensive lineman Zack Martin 16th overall (he made the 2014 All-Pro team, by the way), Jones said that Johnny Manziel wasn't even a thought. By late July, Jones admitted that he had to be talked out of taking Johnny Football on draft night.

“I want you to know that almost as I was handing in the card, it was that close to putting that Manziel card in. It was that close,” Jones said in late July. “I looked over to my son, Stephen, our chief executive officer, and I said ‘I took the right pick.' ... He was the top player by three players on our board at the time that we were sitting there looking at him.”

And in an ESPN profile, Jones sounded like a man who really wanted Manziel.

"If we had picked Manziel, he'd guarantee our relevance for 10 years," he said in May. "When we were on the clock, I said if we pick the other guy -- any other guy -- it would be a ticket to parity, more 8-8 seasons.

"The only way to break out is to gamble -- take a chance with that first pick, if you wanna dramatically improve your team. That's why I wanted Manziel but I was the only guy who wanted him. I listened to everybody ... And I'm ... not ... happy ... ."

To recap: Yes, some Cowboys executive is worthy of this award, but we're guessing it's whomever talked Jones out of taking Manziel, and/or was responsible for the other personnel moves that led to the team's best record since 2007.

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