Earlier in July, tragedy struck when a group of men took sniper positions and fired shots at police officers and citizens marching in downtown Dallas. The Cowboys will honor the Dallas Police officers who sacrificed their lives in the ambush by wearing decals on their helmets.

The decal will feature a silver star and say "Arm In Arm."


Cowboys will honor fallen Dallas Police officers.

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The phrase is more than about just words, however. The Cowboys actually did step forward onto the practice field in Oxnard, California arm-in-arm with the City of Dallas, walking out with Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings onto the field.

Additionally Jason Witten and Orlando Scandrick walked onto the field arm-in-arm with Dallas police chief David Brown.

The Cowboys came up with the idea and felt it was a "statement about unity."

"Unity in the community, unity among fellow citizens, and unity among Americans and the police who protect them," a statement about the ceremony read. "Our players felt that there is no better example of what unity is -- and can be about -- than a sports team. And they felt they had the opportunity -- for the first time they were together this year -- to send this very important message."

The star itself "represents the police and the Cowboys players" while the circle around the star "represents community and unity."

In addition to Brown and Rawlings, family members from four of the five fallen police officers were on hand for the ceremony.

All in all an awesome scene that helped the Cowboys reach out to the community as a whole hopefully make a difference.