There are many people who have been critical of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott recently, thanks to his poor decision to pull down a woman’s top during a recent parade. That’s not smart anyway, but set with the backdrop of Elliott being investigated by the NFL for assault, and it’s a new level of unawareness on his part..

Add Jerry Jones to the list of critics. The Cowboys owner, asked about Elliott’s decision at the NFL owners meetings, didn’t initially want to talk about it, but eventually described it as “not good.” 

“There is not much that I want to say other than that was unfortunate and not good,” Jones said via the Dallas Morning News. “It wouldn’t be the right emphasis one way or the other to get into any communications or dialogue since that happened.”

So has he expressed that feeling to Elliott? Well, that part is not so clear.

“Again, that wouldn’t be the right emphasis to imply,” Jones said. “I wouldn’t want to say on communication, but I’m aware of the incident and I’m aware of the criticism.’’

Among the critics are former Dallas standout Marcus Spears, who said that Elliott needs just needs to “stop being dumb.”

No charges were filed against Elliott stemming from the alleged assault, but the NFL has taken a long time in the investigation and as recently as the Super Bowl, Roger Goodell said there’s “no timetable” for wrapping it up.

Elliott and his camp have repeatedly denied doing anything wrong, but it is very much possible that Elliott still ends up facing some sort of punishment from the league. 

The running back is looking for “closure” in terms of the investigation, but the NFL was still sending him questions about the incident back in January.

Some positive signs for Elliott emerged with his representatives reportedly telling him they expect him to be cleared and Jones himself saying the NFL hasn’t found anything on Elliott. 

But even if that’s the case, Jones still understands how bad the optics of Elliott’s behavior looks in the scope of his still ongoing investigation.