We may be in the final day of the most contentious presidential election in U.S. history, but Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones sees no reason to publicy support one candidate over the other. And this isn't Jones taking some moral stance, or lodging his version of a protest vote, this is strictly business.

"I can't afford to have any output there," Jones said Tuesday morning during an appearance on CBS Radio's 105.3 The Fan. "That just isn't the way I do it there. The most important thing that I have is the Dallas Cowboys, and the fans that are there. I feel like I've got to get in here and do whatever I can do to keep our guys on the team so to speak, I'm talking about the fans."

Last week, Jones diplomatically weighed in on both candidates.

"We're going to be fine either way this thing goes, in my opinion," Jones said at the time, via DallasNews.com. "But I don't want to get in trouble with that statement.

"I have a lot of admiration for both of these people. I really do," he continued. "My goodness, what would it be to have a woman as our first president and have it be Hillary. I know both of them personally. I admired it when she got the nomination. And then I just cannot believe through his own unique way, Donald Trump has a shot to be President of the United States."

Jones has previously called Trump a friend, and after Clinton won her party's nomination in June, Jones said, "We were all so proud last night to hear and see the first woman of a major party nominated."

Jones also has a friend in New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who, it turns out, is a Cowboys fan. We all learned this together back in January 2015 when Christie and Jones shared an awkward celebratory hug after the Cowboys defeated the Lions.

"He's a Cowboy fan through and through," Jones said of Christie after that game. "I met him through the Cowboys, and I'm excited about it. He's part of our mojo. I want him there all the way."