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Dak Prescott or Cooper Rush, who would you want as quarterback of your team? It is one of the biggest questions for the Dallas Cowboys right now and it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter, including former Cowboy and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman.

When Precott exited the team's first game with a right thumb injury, many were calling the Cowboys' season over and their hopes gone, wondering how they could keep up without their starter. Then in came backup Cooper Rush, ready to save the day and win games.

Rush had only started one game before taking over for Prescott, but has quickly shown he has what it takes to succeed in the league. He has never lost a game as a starter and has put the Cowboys in an excellent position through about a third of the season.

As Prescott's situation is improving and he prepares to make his return, should the Cowboys just stick with what is working right now?

"If the [Cowboys win Sunday,] you start asking the question, 'Do we put Dak back in?' Considering what they've been able to do and how they've been able to win games with Cooper Rush, I think that becomes a real question the organization has to answer," Aikman said, via 96.7 The Ticket

The Cowboys have their biggest game of the season on Sunday night, an away game against the undefeated Eagles.

He continued, saying, "If they're winning and they win a big road game against Philadelphia, I could see where there is some pause and you say, 'Well, how exactly do we handle this?' And I don't know.''

Aikman said the team is better with Prescott, but that doesn't mean there aren't questions about the next move. 

"Dak is the quarterback of this franchise. I love the guy. And they're better with Dak at quarterback, but the team is playing good football right now," Aikman said.

Aikman knows quarterback controversies firsthand and gave some insight into his experience.

"I went through this back in 1991, when Steve Beuerlein came in and won the five games of the regular season and I was ready to play. [Head coach] Jimmy [Johnson] stayed with Steve in the postseason, and I wasn't happy about it."

This season, Rush has a 61% completion percentage, with 839 yards, four touchdown and no interceptions.