The Dallas Cowboys believe they're in the middle of a potential Super Bowl run and are trying everything to bolster their roster and give Dak Prescott help, including making "multiple attempts" to try and bring former All-Pro tight end Jason Witten back into the fold on offense.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Jason Garrett specifically has made multiple pitches in an attempt to bolster the tight end position for the Cowboys. Per Schefter, Garrett believes Witten "could step right back in and become another asset on an offense that has come alive in recent weeks."

The Cowboys looked dead in the water at various points this season, but a trade deadline acquisition of wideout Amari Cooper has helped to boost Dak Prescott's play and improve the Cowboys offense overall. 

Tight end is still a weak spot for Dallas, however. Rico Gathers hasn't panned out and it's left Geoff Swaim and Blake Jarwin atop the depth chart. 

Witten was drafted by the Cowboys in the third round in 2003 and spent more than a decade and a half picking up passes. He was as healthy and consistent as they come. Witten clearly lost a step in terms of blocking, but there's an easy argument to make he would be the No. 1 option at tight end on this roster. 

Garrett wouldn't be the only one interested in seeing Witten return to the field. Witten walked away from football after the 2017 season and straight into the "Monday Night Football" booth along with Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland. The results have been ... mixed. 

Most weeks there is a lot of complaining sent Witten's way on social media; he simply hasn't been as quick to adapt to the announcing booth as people expected (or as quick as other former Cowboys...). 

And when Schefter tweeted out a link to his story, the replies were jammed with people who really wanted Witten to leave and go back to football. 

There's plenty more where that came from, but you get the point. 

But it's not happening. Witten is going to stay and ride out the MNF train. It's the smart move for the long haul if you're Witten -- even though he hasn't been very good this year, he can clearly improve. If he became a little bit more natural in the booth, he'd be fine. Plus, making him to be part of a three-man booth where there are two guys in one spot and a third located down on the field is a big ask.

Plus if Witten bounced now he would never get back in the booth. He might be able to find some other spot where he could end up calling games, but if he wants this high-profile gig, this is his one shot at it. Leaving now would erase any future opportunity to call MNF games and given his age and the obvious re-retirement after this season, it wouldn't be the smart long-term play.

If the Cowboys make a run to the Super Bowl, though, Witten may end up regretting it.