Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' new $250 million yacht is way more impressive than your yacht

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is having himself quite a 2019 already. Not only are the Cowboys fresh off their first playoff win since 2014, but Jones also bought himself a $250 million yacht. Not too shabby, I guess.

If you're wondering what the hell a $250 million yacht even looks like, well ... look no further. Here's a very fancy video that gives you a good look at the exterior of the massive vessel. 

The 358-foot long boat looks more like a battleship than it does a weekend getaway vessel, but I guess that's the kind of flex you can make when your net worth is $6.8 billion. 

So what kind of features do you get with a $250 million yacht? According to the Washington Post, the ship boasts two helipads, a spa, gym, a beach club and more. It can accommodate 14 passengers in addition to 20 crew members.

It's worth noting that Jones paid more for the yacht than he did for the Cowboys back in 1989, even with inflation adjustment. The $150 million he paid for the team would be around $209 million today. Considering the Cowboys are now the most valuable sports franchise in the world with an evaluation of just under $5 billion, this boat has a lot to live up to. 

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