Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says Giants were faking injuries

With the Cowboys unleashing an up-tempo offense in the second quarter of their 36-31 win against the Giants on Sunday night, there were two consecutive plays in which a New York player went down with an injury.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones said he doesn't think those instances were a coincidence. Instead, he thought the Giants might have been, um, exaggerating those injuries in order to get a quick breather.

"I thought us experts on football were the only ones who could see that," a laughing Jones said, via ESPN Dallas. "No, it was so obvious it was funny. It wasn't humorous because we really wanted the advantage, and knew we could get it if we could get the ball snapped."

No matter what Jones just said, there's actually a good chance Jones doesn't think it's all very funny.

On those two plays, Dan Connor suffered a neck injury, which kept him out the rest of the game, and Cullen Jenkins suffered a shoulder injury, which didn't keep him out for long at all.

But the crowd booed, because one of the defenses employed to slow down an up-tempo, no-huddle offense is to keep a defender on the ground (whether he's injured or not) and to get the official to call a timeout.

Plus, the Giants have been accused of this sort of thing before, isn't that right, Deon Grant?

In fact, former Giants linebacker Brian Kehl said this two years ago about how the New York coaches emphasize faking injuries.

"Perry Fewell coaches that," Kehl said. "He's their DC [defensive coordinator]. He coaches that."

For the record, Fewell is still the team's defensive coordinator. But the fake-injury theory is hurt a little by the fact Connor's injury was legit enough to keep him out for the rest of the game.

Either way, it's next to impossible to know when a player is faking an injury, which is why the NFL hasn't come up with a good solution on how to curb those instances.

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