Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks Seahawks WR Golden Tate will be fined for block on LB Sean Lee

Golden Tate's helmet appears to hit Sean Lee in the chin. (Getty Images)

Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate absolutely destroyed Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee with a blindside block during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game that sprung quarterback Russell Wilson for 14-yard gain. Tate wasn't penalized, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the game that he fully expects the league to fine the Seahawks wideout.

"I'm sure they will," Jones said, according to's Calvin Watkins. "We saw the same thing you saw. That’s certainly something we know or expect penalties and fines about. They didn’t see the helmet hit, or they would have called it."

Looking at the photo above, it certainly looks like the crown of Tate's helmet hits Lee in the chin. Exacerbating matters: Tate celebrated the hit by crawling on his knees before using both thumbs to point to the name on the back of his jersey. Not surprisingly, this didn't go over well with Lee's teammates.

"It really pissed me off, if you want to be honest," said Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware. "Anybody that sort of retaliates on any of the other players on defense, offense, you sort of got to take that mentality back to them. That’s part of this game. It’s a brutal game, but we didn’t do that."

Lee, incidentally, was less bothered by Tate's antics.

"That’s part of the deal," he said. "He can celebrate all he wants. I bet you if we went head-to-head and square up, he probably won’t be celebrating as much. It’s part of the deal and part of football, and hits like that happen."

Whether Tate gets fined is another matter, though the league has historically erred on the side of caution. Tate even admitted he wasn't sure if the hit was legal.

"I wasn't sure. I knew that I didn't hit him in his helmet. I hit him somewhere down [near Lee's chest]. But the rules change so much that you never really know. I'm happy that it wasn't [penalized]."

Two things: First, the visual evidence suggests Tate did hit Lee in the chin, but he's right -- the rules change so often no one really knows what's legal. Second, we wouldn't be surprised if Tate's a little lighter in the wallet this week.

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