Cowboys, Patriots and Redskins are NFL's most valuable franchises

Jerry Jones' blue jacket probably isn't worth $2.3 billion, but his team is. (USATSI)
Jerry Jones' blue jacket probably isn't worth $2.3 billion, but his team is. (USATSI)

If the NFL handed out Lombardi Trophies based on franchise value, Jerry Jones would probably be voted owner of the decade and be well on his way to winning an owner of the century award. 

For the seventh straight year, Jones' Dallas Cowboys -- with a value of $2.3 billion -- are atop Forbes' annual list of the NFL's most valuable franchises. Jones is pretty much printing money in Dallas -- and then giving that money to Tony Romo.

The Cowboys are worth an estimated $500 million more than No. 2 New England, a team that's valued at $1.8 billion. Although to be fair, the Patriots value probably would have plummeted to zero if Tom Brady's knee injury had been serious on Wednesday. 

Speaking of zero, taking the bottom spot on the list are the Oakland Raiders , a franchise valued $825 million. The Cowboys are worth more than the bottom two teams on the list -- Oakland and Jacksonville -- combined. 

Overall, there are 23 teams valued at over a billion dollars and only four worth under $900 million. The average value for all 32 franchises is $1.17 billion. 

NFL's Most Valuable Teams (Worth)

Multi-billion dollar club

1. Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 billion)

Billion dollar club

2. New England Patriots ($1.8 billion)

3. Washington Redskins ($1.7 billion)

4. New York Giants ($1.55 billion)

5. Houston Texans ($1.45 billion)

6. New York Jets ($1.38 billion)

7. Philadelphia Eagles ($1.314 billion)

8. Chicago Bears ($1.252 billion)

9. Baltimore Ravens ($1.227 billion)

10. San Francisco 49ers ($1.224 billion)

11. Indianapolis Colts ($1.2 billion)

12. Green Bay Packers ($1.183 billion)

13. Denver Broncos ($1.161 billion)

14. Pittsburgh Steelers ($1.118 billion)

15. Seattle Seahawks ($1.081 billion)

16. Miami Dolphins ($1.074 billion)

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($1.067 billion)

18. Carolina Panthers ($1.057 billion)

19. Tennessee Titans ($1.055 billion)

20. Kansas City Chiefs ($1.009 billion)

21. Minnesota Vikings ($1.007 billion)

22. Cleveland Browns ($1.005 billion)

23. New Orleans Saints ($1.004 billion)

'Not worth a billion dollars'  club

24. Arizona Cardinals ($961 million)

25. San Diego Chargers ($949 million)

26. Atlanta Falcons ($933 million)

27. Cincinnati Bengals ($924 million)

28. Detroit Lions ($900 million)

29. St. Louis Rams ($875 million)

30. Buffalo Bills ($870 million)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars ($840 million)

32. Oakland Raiders ($825 million)

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