Cowboys reportedly could be headed to Hawaii for a preseason game in August

Most NFL players don't get too excited about preseason football, but that might change for everyone on the Cowboys' roster this year, and that's because there's a chance the team could be playing a game in Hawaii. 

According to, the Cowboys are currently talking with the Rams about the possibility of playing a game in Honolulu. If Cowboys players are smart, they'll beg Jerry Jones to make this happen and they'll also beg him to take the team out to Hawaii for the entire week. 

Although we don't know for sure if the Cowboys will be visiting the Aloha State, we do know that the Rams will definitely be there. The team announced in November that they would be playing one of their preseason games at Aloha Stadium. 

The last time that Aloha Stadium hosted an NFL game came in January 2016 when the Pro Bowl was held there. Although Hawaii has hosted multiple Pro Bowls over the years, it's been a long time since a preseason game was actually played there. The last time an NFL game that wasn't a Pro Bowl was played on Hawaiian soil came back in 1976, when the 49ers beat the Chargers 17-16 in a preseason game.

The fact that the Cowboys are under consideration to play in this game actually makes a lot of sense. For one, there's a good chance that Aloha Stadium will be filled to near capacity if the Cowboys are playing due to the team's popularity. Also, since the Cowboys generally hold training camp in Oxnard, California, the flight wouldn't be too bad. A flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu is roughly six hours, which is way more reasonable than a flight from Dallas to Honolulu, which takes roughly eight and a half hours. That fact is likely why the Rams will almost certainly play against a west coast team in Hawaii if they can't work things out with the Cowboys. 

If the Cowboys do make the trip, it will mark the eighth time since Jones bought the team that they've played a preseason game in a somewhat exotic location, at least based on NFL standards. Under Jones, the Cowboys have played preseason games in Tokyo (1992, 2000), London (1993), Mexico City (1994, 1998, 2001), Toronto (1995) and Monterrey, Mexico (1996). Basically, there was 10-year span starting in 1992 where Jones was basically trying to turn America's team into the World's team. 

As for the date of the game in Hawaii, the Rams are hoping to schedule it for Aug. 17, according to ESPN. 

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