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Trysten Hill might find his wallet is quite a bit lighter this week. During the 38-31 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon, the Cowboys defensive tackle took down running back Chris Carson for what should've been a routine tackle, but only one of them got up. Carson stayed down clutching his knee as he writhed in pain, and was then helped out of the field -- not to return. The problem for Hill is many don't view the back end of his tackle as routine at all, and are accusing him of gator rolling with Carson's leg in his arms. 

It appears the league office might agree, and Hill will likely be fined for the move -- per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network -- but no suspension is expected. That means Hill will likely be available when the Cowboys try to rebound from their Week 3 loss against a scrappy Cleveland Browns team heading to AT&T Stadium in Week 4. It's reported the injury Carson suffered is a knee sprain with no structural damage, but additional tests will be run on Monday to be sure. If true, the Seahawks will exhale deeply knowing their starting running back dodged serious injury. 

Here is the tackle in question:

Hill, a former second-round pick, is finding his footing for the Cowboys in Year 2 after an uneven and mostly disappointing rookie campaign. 

He's been a bright spot on a defensive line that's been mostly unproductive heading into Week 3, and his potential is beginning to show more and more on a weekly basis, but the tackle on Carson have many believing he's capable of dirty play. Be it real or perceived, it's likely something the Cowboys will address with him to ensure it doesn't happen again -- i.e., a chat to remind him he needs to release the ball carrier's leg once the player is on the ground.

Was it momentum or a gator roll? That's something the league office is currently mulling, but it appears they're leaning toward it having been the latter, and he might be hit with a fine because of it.