Cowboys' Tyron Smith out $1 million, mother denies taking any money

Tyron Smith's attorney says that the 'amount of money that's gone' numbers 'in the seven digits.' (US Presswire)

On Tuesday, Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith had to call 911 because family members had showed up at his house wanting money.  Now, according to The Dallas Morning News' Brandon George, Smith's lawyers claim that the second-year player from USC is out more than $1 million.

“I’m not certain of the amount of money that’s gone,” attorney John Schorsch said via George.  “I would suggest to you that the numbers are in the seven digits that need to be accounted for.  I don’t know how much of that, if any, is a legitimate gift and how much of that is squeezed out of him or how much of that is flat out taken. And I know of the latter two categories, it’s a bunch. I’m going to make sure all the money is justified and it’s not going to be pretty.”

Smith's mother, Frankie Pinkney, tells a different story.

“I don’t know anything about any missing money,” she said. “The money that we did receive from Tyron was all accounted for and everything is in writing, and he’s authorized all of it.”

Smith, 21, has five step-siblings. Two of his stepsisters, Tiari Dennis and Brittany Pinkney, were among several people who showed up at his house on Saturday and then Tuesday, Frankie Pinkney confirmed to The Morning News.

But she claims that no one demanded money. In an emailed statement to the newspaper, Pinkney said that the latest incident wasn't financially motivated and blamed Smith's girlfriend, Leigh Costa, for not allowing his two stepsisters inside Smith's house.

“They had not seen nor talked to him in months due to a family disagreement, which by the way, was not about finances,” Pinkney said in the statement. “The family disagreement was about his girlfriend, who is five years older than Tyron, who is a big part of the confusion in our family right now.

“Leigh reported that my daughters were threatening her and they were demanding money. My daughters did not make any threats.”

Costa told The Morning News that “Nothing [Frankie Pinkney] is saying is factual. I didn’t do anything. I’m a drive-by victim to his family’s chaos.”

Schorsch agreed.

“His mom is effectively saying none of this is about money, and it’s Leigh’s fault. Leigh doesn’t have a restraining order on her. Leigh didn’t take any money. She didn’t do anything. Leigh is a third-party victim standing in the line of fire from these people, and it’s unfortunate.”

Regarding the restraining order, which Smith obtained over the summer to keep his mother and stepfather from having any contact with him or Costa, Schorsch added, “In order to get a restraining order of that nature you have got to provide certain evidence of threatening violence, and obviously those were met. The mom and/or the stepdad, the collective group of family, have threatened the physical well-being of Tyron and the life of his girlfriend.”

George reports that Cowboys security is aware of Smith's situation and "has an organizational structure in place to help Smith avoid incidents around the club."

Coach Jason Garrett, meanwhile, doesn't think Smith's off-field issues have affected his play, and team president Stephen Jones says he has "a lot of confidence" that Smith "will handle" the situation.

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