Cowher almost tackled player; Tomlin 'stanky leg' meme takes off

Whether Steelers coach Mike Tomlin temporarily lost his "placement" on the field during Jacoby Jones' kickoff return Thursday night is up for debate. Either way, the league will review the matter.

But this isn't the first time a Steelers coach has come close to bringing down a ball carrier, unknowingly or otherwise. (After Thursday's game, Ravens coach John Harbaugh joked, “I was wondering, ‘Did they credit [Tomlin] with the tackle on that?'")

Following a 1997 Monday Night Football get-together between the Steelers and Jaguars, then-coach Bill Cowher conceded that he actually thought about tackling Jacksonville's Chris Hudson as he raced down the sidelines with the game-deciding score following a blocked field-goal attempt.

According to wire reports from the game, "As Hudson ran by the Steelers' bench, an angry Cowher clenched his hands as if he were about to step onto the field, but held himself back."

Cowher said afterwards, "I could have [tackled] him. It crossed my mind. But thank God I didn't.''

Meanwhile, the Tomlin two-step -- his last-second maneuver to get out of Jones' way -- is now affectionately known as the "stanky leg," thanks to Ravens wideout Torrey Smith. It has spawned an entire "stanky leg" internet meme, which we're happy to contribute to below.

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