Current Jets player agrees it is 'hard to argue' the Jets look like they are tanking

The Jets have assembled one of the worst NFL rosters in the last decade for the coming 2017 season and as a result there are many people who believe New York might very well be tanking for a draft expected to be slam full of high-quality young quarterbacks in 2018.

Even current Jets wide receiver Quincy Enunwa admits it is difficult to argue with the concept of the Jets tanking.

"It's hard to argue [with] that," Enunwa said Sunday, via the New York Post. "When everybody else sees all the stuff that's going on."

What he's referring to is the stuff that everyone sees: the Jets ditching big-name veterans who have provided key contributions for years now. David Harris, a lifetime Jets players who was unceremoniously released, and Eric Decker, a high-priced free agent and the team's best wide receiver, were both let go

Decker landed with the Titans where he will help a young quarterback in Marcus Mariota. Harris will inevitably help to beat the Jets twice this season while playing for New England, and will probably end up making three or four huge plays in the 2018 AFC Championship Game.

The Jets also declined to bring back long-time center (and lifetime Jets player) Nick Mangold. The team released Darrelle Revis, who while still unemployed, is at least a franchise legend who could have, you know, played football for the team. Brandon Marshall switched New York teams after the Jets released him; he too wonders if the Jets are capable of being competitive this year.

Now having said all that, Enunwa does not actually think that the players on the Jets roster are going to tank in 2017. After all, families need to be fed.

"I don't think any player is going to tank. Our jobs are on the line. Our families [depend on us]," Enunwa said. "We're out there to work and get our paycheck and win games. People are always going to say that kind of stuff, but we're just going to play."

There needs to be a clear distinction here: no one thinks the Jets PLAYERS will tank in 2017. The guys on the roster have a lot to play for -- they are hyper-competitive people to begin with, and there is a lot of money at stake here. Most of these guys are young and looking to make names for themselves in the league and/or get highly paid as free agents. 

It's the team that is likely to tank. By releasing all these veterans and entering the 2017 season with no real plan at quarterback other than Josh McCown and Christian Hackenberg, it looks pretty clear that the Jets are interested in losing more games than they win. Or at least have resigned themselves to the fact that they are going to lose games this year and as a result are not unwilling to lose a lot of games.

When the players on the roster know that it's going to be a long, losing season, that's not a great indication of how the Jets will fare in 2017. 

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