Dak Prescott admits he was a 'little pissed' after falling in the NFL Draft

If the NFL ever decided to redo the 2016 draft, it's almost a guarantee that Dak Prescott would be taken with one of the top five picks. However, that's not how things played out back in April.

During the draft, Prescott had to sit through two full days and 134 picks before the Cowboys finally called his name near the end of the fourth round.

Prescott had thought that he would definitely be taken before the fourth round, so when he went to bed on Friday night after the first three rounds of the draft, he wasn't a happy camper.

In an interview with NBC's Football Night in Minnesota, Prescott admits that he was kind of mad about dropping so far.

"It woke me up on Saturday a little anxious and a little pissed," Prescott said, via Pro Football Talk.

At pick No. 135, Prescott ended up being the eighth quarterback taken in the draft.

The long wait ended up paying off though because Prescott was drafted by the same team he cheered for during his childhood: the Dallas Cowboys.

"My dad was a diehard Cowboys fan," Prescott said. "I was raised as a Cowboy fan, and I was forced to be a Cowboy fan. In the yard, I was always Emmitt Smith, imagining wearing that 22 on my chest ... Dad was too excited, too pumped. He comes out and pulls out all of his jerseys of older Cowboys that he has. Now, it's him wearing my jersey every Sunday."

Dak Prescott didn't expect to fall so far in the draft. USATSI

The irony of the situation is that if Prescott hadn't hurt his own draft stock, he probably would've been taken higher. About a month and a half before the draft, Prescott was arrested and charged with a DUI in Mississippi. Before the arrest, some draft pundits thought that he would be a late second- or third-round pick.

After the arrest, which was a red flag for most teams, no one knew for sure how far Prescott would drop. The Cowboys' gamble ended up paying off after Prescott was found not guilty at his DUI trial.

Now, Prescott's just living the dream.

"I've always wanted to play quarterback and I lucked out to be able to play for my favorite team -- America's team," Prescott said. "I'm just living the moment. I feel like all of this was supposed to happen. When you work hard, things work your way."

The second-guessing has already started with teams who whiffed on Prescott. As a matter of fact, former Browns general manager Michael Lombardi recently said that Prescott should've been the No. 1 overall pick.

Anyway, Prescott will be looking to get the Cowboys to 11-1 on Thursday night with a win over the Vikings. To see that game, you can tune in to NBC or NFL Network (8:25 p.m. ET). You'll also be able to stream the game on Twitter.

You can check out our preview and prediction for the game by clicking here.

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