Dak Prescott, Anthony Brown land massive bonus payouts from NFL

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(Photo: Jim McIsaac, Getty)

Anthony Brown and Dak Prescott are having a really good day.

The NFL perennially rewards players who outperform their contracts with play and availability and the two Dallas Cowboys walked away with heavier pockets on the heels of the 2017 season. On the first day of the league's official new year, it released an official statement declaring which players landed extra revenue for their efforts last season and where they ranked amongst the field of competitors. While Prescott suffered a down year production-wise, he was still able to stay upright -- surprisingly enough -- for the entire year which helped his case, and landed him a major payout of $401,006.25.

And while that's certainly impressive, he was outshined by Brown's direct deposit of $437,690.49 -- good enough for fourth-highest in the NFL.

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Brown and Prescott are set to make $573,736 and $635,848 in base salary, respectively, last season. These numbers join with their performance payouts to land them both over a cool $1 million salary, not counting the newfound endorsements acquired in the last few months by the latter. Brown reeled in $346,198.12 following the 2016 season but was bested by the then-Rookie of the Year in Prescott, who took home $353,544.57. They were the only two Cowboys' players to land in the Top 25 in payouts for last season, after seeing a total of 10 take one home a year prior.

It's expected both Brown and Prescott will have a bounceback year in 2018, which could land them an even larger payday this time next season.

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